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1 an ancient Numidian town in northwestern Africa adjoining present-day Annaba in northeastern Algeria [syn: Hippo Regius]
2 massive thick-skinned herbivorous animal living in or around rivers of tropical Africa [syn: hippopotamus, river horse, Hippopotamus amphibius]

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  • italbrac RP /ˈhɪpəʊ/
  • italbrac US /ˈhɪpoʊ/
  • Rhymes with: -ɪpəʊ


  1. Short form of hippopotamus.
    • 2006 "The Eastern Cape village whose dam has been taken over by a hippo will decide next week what happens to the animal." Weekend Argus 24 June 2006.

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Hippo may refer to:
In biology:
  • Hippopotamus, a large African mammal which lives mainly in and near water.
  • HIPPO, the biological acronym for a list of human threats to biodiversity: Habitat destruction, Invasive species, Pollution, Population, and Overharvesting.
  • Tree warbler, genus Hippolais.
In classical studies:
  • Hippo (Greek woman), used as an example of chastity by Valerius Maximus and Giovanni Boccaccio.
  • Hippo (philosopher), a Presocratic Greek philosopher of the 5th century BC.
  • Hippo Regius, the ancient name of a city in modern-day Algeria.
  • Hippo, one of the mythical Oceanids, daughters of Oceanus and Tethys.
  • Hippo, one of the daughters of the mythical Thespius. She bore Heracles a son, Capylus.
In computing:
  • Hippo CMS, an Open Source Content Management System based on open standards.
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